This website was designed to be a simple organic website to assist in searching for your ideal holiday. Making it easy for people who own a holiday home to rent out and start a conversation with the porposed renter. Also in turn to make it easy to admin and help out the community of users who may not be so technical or patient when it comes to listing or searching.

With this in mind, the search process could not be more simple…below are diagrams to illustrate how simple it is.

The world map. This first version will be changed to a more detailed or drill down version later on..but for now simply roll over your chosen destination and click. You will then be taken to a page filled with holiday lets from that particular region….

The SEARCH BAR. when you take the mouse to the menu bar and click the magnifying glass, the menu will roll down to reveal an active search bar. As soon as you start typing in a destination, requirement such as BBQ or swimming pool or other criteria, the bar should open up providing options for you to choose from. This search relies on “TAGS” or taxonomy – in other words, as much detail as you can provide when adding your listings, will help people search and find your property.



At the bottom of ther website (FOOTER) you will also find extra areas to search on, by a CATEGORY or Active search which is the same as in the menu section…simple !